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Benefits of Decking & Wooden Flooring

At KJ Carpentry we create and design different types of beautiful interior and exterior decking and flooring throughout the greater London and its surrounding areas.Whereby now, exteriors are treated as an outside room and therefore timber decking is an exceptional opportunity of creating this. Decking provides additional living space that is multi-functional and can be used in many different styles.

Wooden decking always is the best flexible alternative. It can be used in different levels to create unique designs and is ideal for outside living, playing areas, and general entertaining spaces. Furthermore, it is a really attractive alternative. If the correct products are used and the space is kept well, decking can last a lifetime.

Decking designs can be completely tailored to your individual requirements. It may be that you only have a small area to deck or that your space is large and needs a unique design in order to make it work for your garden.

Wooden decks can also be used in gardens where the ground is uneven or undulating. Designs can be created to support this including stepping and sloping.

Here are some benefits for decks and wooden flooring:

  • They are friendly to the environment as they are a natural material.
  • Decking provides a comfortable and level surface for walking.
  • They are cheaper to install than composite alternatives.
  • Decking can easily be extended or modified if required.
  • You are able to create unique designs with balustrades, handrails and railings.
  • They are functional and durable.

Throughout greater London and its surrounding areas, we at KJ carpentry can create and design different types of beautiful interior and exterior decking and flooring.  

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